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In addition to running the creative writing organization Girls With Pens, Carolyn offers consultation services for novelists and screenwriters. She has five published novels, a Master in Professional Writing from USC, and was a judge for the Slamdance screenplay competition.

Carolyn can read your manuscript and talk to you about the overall structure of your work or write detailed notes on each chapter.





"This meeting . . . just wow. It was phenomenal. For the first time in years, I felt like I was having a conversation with a peer who understood my challenges and could address them intelligently. Carolyn was wonderful--specific in her assessments, honest and open in our conversation, and incredibly sharp. She totally got what I want to do and where this plotline needs to go for that to happen.

Most importantly, I felt heard (a big personal issue for me), she presented specific challenges related to specific chapters with ideas for solutions, and all of the feedback was really intimate; in other words, it was very clear to me she had read the manuscript and spent time with it . . . This experience has been incredibly useful and easily one of the smartest investments I've made!"

                                                                         –Sylvia DeSantis


"Carolyn was very professional and thorough. I found her thoughtful, detailed and pleasant to work with. I do feel well-prepared to move forward with my work. This was very helpful and, for me, worth the cost involved."

                                                                           –Anne Deering


"I was struggling with a plot line on my second novel. Unlike my first book, which is purely Australian based, my goal for this one was for it to have appeal and substance for international readers. Enter Carolyn Cohagan. Over three months down the track I’m now working on a novel that I’m really happy with. I knew from the outset that Carolyn would get the best out of me, and her mentorship has lead my writing in a direction I would not have thought possible."

                                                                          –Jivan Parnell


"My time with Carolyn was GREAT. She was very insightful and gave me upfront and direct advice."

–Sharla Atkins


"It was just perfect and I felt she breathed new life into one of my projects and gave me so much to think about in terms of changing the perspective of the narration."

                                                                        –Camille Schultz


"Superb job. Spot on comments. Super-productive meeting. Really nice person."

                                                                       –Raphael Abrams


“Carolyn provided very useful feedback and advice during today's consultation about our children's book, Starla. We really feel like she did an excellent job!"

                                                                          –Kevin Green


"I thought my hour with Carolyn was very beneficial. I enjoyed meeting and talking with her, and she seemed very insightful about how to approach my writing. She talked of writing patterns, romantic characters, and more. I felt like we covered a lot within our time, and I have many notes/ideas to address."

                                                                          –Cheryl Abney

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