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What do teachers say about Carolyn's school visits?

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"My school had the privilege of having Carolyn Cohagan visit!  She helped students develop a deeper appreciation for the writing process by sharing her own process and sharing the importance of editing.  Students were thrilled to hear her read from her original manuscript and talk about how her ideas evolved into the final story they know and love.  She kept the students engaged as she shared about her life experiences that influenced her to become a writer.  All students had read "The Lost Children" before her visit and I've never seen a book capture children's imaginations and create a desire to write as much as this novel.  After hearing about where her ideas came from and asking her all their wonderings about the characters, they were inspired to write even more.  Thank you for sharing your love of writing with us Ms. Cohagan and for inspiring us to write as well!" - Elizabeth Petty, Meridian Middle School