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Ida and the Unfinished City

The long-awaited sequel to the fan-favorite The Lost Children.


In this harrowing and witty adventure, con-artist and tough-girl Ida Dorrington journeys to the Unfinished City to find a cure for her inability to age. Stuck in the body of a twelve-year-old, Ida longs to look and feel her true age of sixteen. The Unfinished City is the weirdest place Ida has ever visited—on the same day, every year, a flood destroys the whole town, and odder still, the citizens look forward to it! To Ida’s dismay, no one in the Unfinished City wants to explain the mysterious Treatment that could be Ida’s remedy. Ida begs, borrows, and steals to get what she wants. Will she be able to set her age right and return to her friends Fargus and Josephine before her scheming and lies catch up with her?

“An action-packed adventure [with] the right amount of chaos, humor, and heart . . . a fun homage to classic literature, in the vein of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, with a girl cursed to never grow up and a city that has a madness all its own.”

                                        - Reader’s Favorite (Five Star Review)

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